0000330: [encoder and decoder] use of >, >=, <, <= with profile_idc (Karsten Suehring)
0000348: [decoder] Static buffer overflow in function biari_init_context() on arrays INIT_FLD_MAP_I and INIT_FLD_LAST_I (Karsten Suehring)
0000345: [decoder] MBAFF loopfilter mismatch with standard (Karsten Suehring)
0000347: [encoder] "double free" crash in the low-delay mode (Karsten Suehring)
4 issues View Issues
0000328: [decoder] Loop filter relies on undefined behavior (Karsten Suehring)
0000300: [decoder] Discordance in coded_block flag between reference decoder and spec (Karsten Suehring)
2 issues View Issues
0000269: [decoder] length of chroma_vector_adjustment[x][.] may result in MC error (Karsten Suehring)
0000319: [encoder] Q_matrix updation (Karsten Suehring)
0000320: [decoder] Crash during 4x4 intra prediction (Karsten Suehring)
0000321: [encoder] Bitrate increase with GCC4.1.2 in JM18.4 with HM-like config (Karsten Suehring)
4 issues View Issues
0000302: [encoder] Cannot run lencod (Karsten Suehring)
0000228: [decoder] a bug about the lossless decoding of the JM 17.2 software (Karsten Suehring)
0000290: [encoder] HM-like Intra configuration crashes (Karsten Suehring)
0000299: [encoder] JM does not compile with MVC disabled (Karsten Suehring)
0000305: [encoder] New HM-like parameters should be put in encoder.cfg and set properly (Karsten Suehring)
0000310: [encoder and decoder] Level 5.2 Support (Karsten Suehring)
0000303: [encoder] Interlace coding is broken when HM-like parameters are turned on (Karsten Suehring)
7 issues View Issues
0000266: [encoder] that have 2 error in jm18.0 (Karsten Suehring)
0000220: [decoder] assert of wrong condition which can result in assertion failed when multi-slice is used (Yuwen He)
0000283: [decoder] slice number not properly initialized (Yuwen He)
0000224: [decoder] "ref_pic" is wrong in dpb_split_field() when multi-slice is used (Yuwen He)
0000284: [encoder and decoder] Tempral direct MB AFF fails to map reference index (Yuwen He)
0000280: [decoder] JM conflict with H.264 spec when separate_colour_plane_flag=1 (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000282: [encoder and decoder] Temporal direct mode does not take field parity into account (Karsten Suehring)
0000225: [decoder] initial of "p_Vid->intra_block" based on "p_Vid->PicSizeInMbs" not calculated! (Karsten Suehring)
0000264: [encoder] can not support stereo videp? (Karsten Suehring)
0000279: [encoder] Encoder always generates VUI even EnableVUISupport is 0 in config file (Karsten Suehring)
0000165: [encoder] SubPelBlockMotionSearch comment field: pel or sub-pel? (Karsten Suehring)
0000191: [encoder] Bad stats regarding Intra coding (intraPredMode) (Karsten Suehring)
0000036: [encoder and decoder] ref_pic_id and ref_id should be unified (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000262: [encoder] IntraProfile = 1 error (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000176: [encoder] IntraProfile requires IDRPeriod>=1 (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
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0000216: [decoder] wrong PSNR is computed for pictures after second IDR in a bitstream (Karsten Suehring)
0000255: [rtpdump] error compilation (Karsten Suehring)
0000256: [encoder and decoder] DPB Size Usage for Encoder & Decoder (Yuwen He)
0000257: [encoder and decoder] Maximum number of Reference frames supported for 2 Views (Yuwen He)
0000254: [encoder and decoder] Flushing of DPM at Decoder & Encoder for MVC (Karsten Suehring)
0000230: [encoder and decoder] Encoder and Decoder crash when partionMode=1 (Karsten Suehring)
0000244: [encoder] Corrupt output when using SliceMode = 2 (Karsten Suehring)
0000190: [decoder] Flag "Write 4:2:0 chroma components for monochrome streams" is not considered in the decoder.cfg file (Karsten Suehring)
0000236: [encoder and decoder] CPImage is not using the dimensions of the Chroma components properly (Karsten Suehring)
0000217: [decoder] default configuration parameters are ignored in some cases (Karsten Suehring)
0000240: [decoder] Conformance mvc files cannot be decoded. (Karsten Suehring)
0000227: [encoder and decoder] two possible bugs of JM 17.2 (Karsten Suehring)
0000246: [encoder] Saving a wrong motion vector in the function FullPelBlockMotionBiPred() in the file me_fullsearch.c. (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
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0000219: [rtpdump] rtpdump compile fails with VC7 and VC8 work spaces (Karsten Suehring)
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0000204: [encoder] Software doesn't compile while MVC extension is disabled (Karsten Suehring)
0000206: [decoder] misjudgement of a new frame when "p_Vid->active_pps->bottom_field_pic_order_in_frame_present_flag" equal to 1 (Karsten Suehring)
0000162: [encoder] Use of redundent pictures in Extended profile (Karsten Suehring)
0000057: [decoder] delta_pic_order_cnt[0] in IDR frames (Karsten Suehring)
4 issues View Issues
0000198: [encoder] several possible bugs in the case of lossles coding (Karsten Suehring)
       0000202: [encoder and decoder] updated (possible) bug report about lossless intra coding (Karsten Suehring)
0000212: [encoder] parsing error in encoder_main.cfg (Karsten Suehring)
0000196: [encoder] macroblock.c:2710 - fwd_flag undeclared in function writeReferenceFrame (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000193: [encoder and decoder] Encoder decoder mismatch with direct inference = 0 (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000192: [encoder] Inconsistence naming of variable p_Slice in struct macroblock (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
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0000040: [encoder] RC bug when recoding MBs (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000187: [encoder and decoder] Readme.txt and Mac OS X (Karsten Suehring)
0000181: [encoder] when using foreground with left-over, encoder always crash in case of qcif sequences (Karsten Suehring)
3 issues View Issues
0000007: [encoder] Symbol writing should be redesigned (Karsten Suehring)
0000183: [decoder] Regarding qp_per_matrix and qp_rem_matrix (Karsten Suehring)
0000175: [encoder] When encoding single 1080p frame, 10bits chroma and luma, 4:2:2 both chroma components are set to zero (Karsten Suehring)
0000163: [encoder] On comiling the encoder error given (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
4 issues View Issues
0000160: [encoder] compiler error when trace file is activated (Karsten Suehring)
0000157: [decoder] typo in pps_is_equal() (Karsten Suehring)
0000153: [encoder] Possible LimitType error for IntraProfile in configfile.h (Karsten Suehring)
0000141: [encoder and decoder] Redundant Frames don't work (Karsten Suehring)
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0000135: [encoder] Encoder crashes in computeBiPredSAD2(), observed with IBBP coding (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
       0000150: [encoder] Further observations on the error 0000135 (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000130: [encoder] Change '=' expected error message to be different in q_offsets matrix and configfile (Karsten Suehring)
0000146: [encoder] When encoded with Multiple PPS option is selected, weighted prediction and weighted bi-prediction flags are set in PPS (Karsten Suehring)
0000148: [decoder] Incorrect calculation of lossless_qpprime flag at the decoder. (Karsten Suehring)
0000124: [encoder and decoder] lossless transform bypass and 4:4:4 does not work (Karsten Suehring)
0000131: [encoder] Could not allocate memory (Karsten Suehring)
0000149: [decoder] When decoding 1080 content on PPC the decoded yuv file produces very low PSNR numbers. (Karsten Suehring)
0000134: [encoder] Encoder crashes when P or B inter MB's modes are forced to 4x8, 8x4 and 4x4 sub-partitions only (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
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0000120: [decoder] tmp_time sometimes shows negative value which makes confusion (Karsten Suehring)
0000125: [encoder] Sample configuration files need update (Karsten Suehring)
0000122: [encoder and decoder] Crash on PPC (Karsten Suehring)
0000126: [encoder] disable_deblocking_filter_idc - LoopFilterParametersFlag - DFParametersFlag (Karsten Suehring)
0000127: [decoder] Full-frame freeze SEI message syntax (Karsten Suehring)
0000128: [decoder] Copy paste error in sei.c? (Karsten Suehring)
0000119: [encoder] Wrong codeword and codelength are generated for levels greater than 2063, when encoding level in CAVLC (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
7 issues View Issues
0000034: [encoder and decoder] I_PCM decoding for High10 and High 4:2:2 profiles (9 bit and more) (Karsten Suehring)
0000015: [decoder] Chroma transform coefficient decoding process for SP/SI (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000020: [encoder] LA-RDO needs checking and support of "advanced" features (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000058: [encoder] simulated decoders in the encoder differ from real decoders (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000102: [encoder] Quantization Parameter per Slice (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000045: [encoder] Adaptive Rounding does not work for RDO mode 0 (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000117: [decoder] memory out-of-bounds (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000112: [encoder] unable to generate monochrome stream (Karsten Suehring)
0000110: [encoder] unable to generate extended interlace h264 stream (Karsten Suehring)
0000094: [encoder] Is motion vector retrieval wrong in function void Conceal_Error( ) in the file decoder.c of the encoder? (Karsten Suehring)
0000084: [encoder] invalid direction mode when BSliceSearch8x8=0 (Karsten Suehring)
0000106: [encoder] Code missing in IntraChromaPrediction() (Karsten Suehring)
0000107: [encoder] Bits per picture calculation broken for multiple slices and/or data partitioning (breaks RD picture coding) (Karsten Suehring)
0000064: [encoder and decoder] decoder segfaults with YUV 4:0:0 (Karsten Suehring)
0000101: [encoder] GenerateSequenceParameterSet function not using SPS_id parameter (Karsten Suehring)
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0000096: [encoder] Mismatch between declaration and call of SliceHeader () in slice.c (Karsten Suehring)
0000090: [encoder] 4:2:2 Intra Coding (Karsten Suehring)
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0000086: [encoder] Outputted average QP with slice dimension fixed in bytes (Karsten Suehring)
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0000063: [decoder] __STDC__ macro is needed in ldecod/inc/ifunctions.h (Karsten Suehring)
0000085: [decoder] Error on memory allocation for slice group (Karsten Suehring)
0000068: [encoder] Encoder doesn't handle the 4:4:4 QPPrimeYZeroTransformBypassFlag correctly
3 issues View Issues
0000077: [encoder] Incorrect Stats: Stuffing Bits (no impact on compressed bitstream) (Karsten Suehring)
0000069: [decoder] New fix for issue 59 previously considered solved - missing data partitions (Karsten Suehring)
0000071: [decoder] Shouldn't the "add_top" be "add_bottom"? (Karsten Suehring)
0000059: [decoder] Problem with the JM 12.2 decoder and missing data partitions (Karsten Suehring)
0000066: [encoder and decoder] Problems with lossless coding mode for RGB (4:4:4) I frame coding
0000067: [decoder] Lossless qpprime flag assigned incorrectly
0000075: [encoder] Cannot find or open bitstream file
7 issues View Issues
0000053: [encoder] wrong value of enc_mb->lambda_me[Q_PEL] (Karsten Suehring)
0000048: [decoder] frame_no is not reported correctly (Karsten Suehring)
0000055: [encoder] BasicUnit default should not be zero (Karsten Suehring)
0000039: [decoder] JM documentation (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000013: [encoder] I_PCM macroblocks with CABAC cannot be decoded (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
5 issues View Issues
0000029: [decoder] If IPCM coded MB/s appear/s anyway in a frame (excluding the last MB) the JM10.2/11 decoder is blocked (Karsten Suehring)
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0000032: [decoder] decoder does not compile when trace is enabled (Karsten Suehring)
0000031: [encoder] The encoder could not recognized the: UseHadamard, UseFME, FMEDSR and FMEScal. (Karsten Suehring)
2 issues View Issues
0000030: [decoder] ldecod Makefile pentium4 only (Karsten Suehring)
0000025: [decoder] wrong initialized value for "threshold" in function "ercCollect8PredBlocks" in file "erc_do_i.c" (Karsten Suehring)
0000027: [encoder] Incorrect update of stats->bit_slice when re-coding macroblocks (no impact on compressed bitstream) (Karsten Suehring)
0000024: [encoder] Out of memory during HD encoding with fixed nalu size (Karsten Suehring)
0000018: [decoder] In TRACE file 'weighted_prediction_flag' is written incorrectly (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000003: [encoder] chroma adaptive quantization offset tweak (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000019: [encoder] B slice with full Hierarchical Coding (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000010: [encoder] JM10.2 encoder seems to output illegal WP values (Alexis Michael Tourapis)
0000012: [encoder] wrong pointer dereferences (Karsten Suehring)
0000009: [encoder and decoder] Memory leaks mainly in error paths (Karsten Suehring)
0000008: [encoder] B_Direct_16x16 MB using 8x8 transform when direct_8x8_inference_flag is 0 (Karsten Suehring)
0000006: [encoder and decoder] bug in fix for predict_nnz in JM 11.0 (Karsten Suehring)
0000005: [decoder] Trace file format differs for CABAC and CAVLC (Karsten Suehring)
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